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World Peace Forum 2023

In 2024, we will be back with much deeper international cooperation and solidarity efforts.

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2023 World Peace Forum

The World Peace Forum is based on the implementation of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals), which are key values pursued by the United Nations.
This is a representative global forum in Busan where experts in many fields share their visions and seek cooperation under the theme of global issues facing humanity.
2023 세계평화포럼 주요 연사


stands for an online speaker.
Session1 : Coexistence
Lee Inbae
President of National Institute for Unification Education
Session2 : Peace
Philip Goldberg
United States Ambassador to Korea
Session2 : Peace
Leem Ho Young
President of Korea US Alliance Foundation
Session2 : Peace
Oh Sang-joon
Head of Management Division, Kookje Daily News
Session3 : Empathy
Park Enna
Chairman, Citizens Committee Bid for Expo 2030 Busan Korea
Session3 : Empathy
Jung Jae-hoon
Head of Operations and Marketing, TikTok Korea
Session4 : Future
Simonenko Maryna
Ukraine BTS Army
Session4 : Future
Koo Hong-seok
Ambassador for International Relations of Seoul Metropolitan Government
Session4 : Future
 Ryu Chang-soo
Ambassador for International Relations of Jeollabuk-do


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